Kunal Mishra.

Building, marketing and designing little SaaS projects.

I'm 18. I'm doing an engineering degree in Electronics and Instrumentation at BITS, Goa. I build little web projects in my free time:

Apart from that, I like listening to music¹. I'm almost always in the middle of a sitcom².

I spent a big, determining chunk of my childhood on the Internet, constantly inspired by so many people (I'll make a list some day but off the top of my head, Nat Eliason). I plan to live like a nomad some day. I used to be the SEO guy at HelloMeets and right now they're at 40k/mo. I find fonts beautiful. I'm into nerding out about tools of thought, I love Roam Research (but it's a little expensive for me right now, so I use Logseq instead).

I do little to no marketing for my projects but they generate a slight bit of $ every month all by themselves. One of my goals for the year is to grow my do-nothing income to a significant chunk.

I'm excited to get some more free time once all my exams are over. Mostly to learn Javascript and Ruby and get myself an internship. I have tried my hands at writing, it's something I want to be better at but it seems like a long way.

¹My Spotify Rewind minutes were about 13k last year.

²Currently watching: The Office. Current favourite: How I Met Your Mother.

ps: I tweet, read and code. Email is the best way to reach me.