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For most of you, freelancing on Fiverr (or any other freelance platform) isn’t worth it.

When I got started on Fiverr, I looked around and imitated what others did.

Put in big adjectives in your titles? Check.

Sell your gig for as cheap as you can? Check.

Add in more services into your single gig without raising prices to outdo your competitor? Check.

If you can’t see already, it’s a race to the bottom .

Fiverr doesnt let you price your gigs at less than $5. But if it did, I can bet there will be hundreds of people promising to do a mountain-worth of work for pennies.

Heck, some would even do it for free if they could. Because they hope they’ll land a bigger client if they get more experience, reviews, proof of work and customers.

I know, because I had the same strategy: Price as low as you can, promise to do more than your competitor, wait until you get more reviews and a magical day would come when you’ll raise prices and people will still buy.

But no, that’s NOT how freelancing is done.

  1. Pricing as low as you is bad for you, but worse for your clients. You’ll always have to pay your bills. Low prices demotivate you from doing your best work. If you dont value your work enough neither will you client, and quick tip: 90% of clients on Fiverr are looking for the cheapest, not the best. They somehow think an article written by someone who charges $70-100 will have the same quality as someone who charges $5. If you wanna be a great freelancer, value your work like it’s important.

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