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SEO. or Search Engine Optimisation.

In 2019, I made my first crappy blog published a few posts. Looking at low traffic, I started finding ways to grow it. That’s when I fell into the SEO rabbit hole. And boy was it deep. I spent like an year reading and watching everything I could find on the topic.

But I had almost nothing to practice these skills on. I started another blog for free on which I named theciva .

Some of my articles started ranking but to no use, that’s when I learnt:

Fast forward a few months and I was doing $5 Fiverr gigs for a month which sucked. Fast forward a few more months, I pitched to Sahiba Sethi and joined in at HelloMeets in August. (And by November I helped get them to 7k+.)

My real seo practice started at HelloMeets.

Here’s the list of all seo insights I’ve learnt through practice.

  1. The key to getting good traffic is keyword research. It doesn’t have to complicated or lengthy. But a professional tool makes it a lot better (I use Ahrefs ). Your target is to find topics you can write about, that you can rank in the top 5 for, that can get you good traffic if you’re in the top 5, and finally has some business potential for your company.
  2. SEO takes time. Start early. For HelloMeets, articles took about a month before starting to show any traffic. But within a month, you’d know if something’s wrong. If you’ve done point #1 right, you’ll be internally sure you’re gonna rank, sooner or later. So just keep pushing. Often it takes a lot of tweaking titles and restructuring to make a page rank. Nail point #1, and just keep pushing.

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