Notes from Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

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Stillness of the Mind

Be present and focused. Ruminating about the past or worrying about the future affects your performance the most. Don’t care what people think. Especially when you’re scared.

Limit in your information input. Don’t listen to everyone always. Divide things between what’s urgent and important. You’ll find many urgent-but-unimportant and many important-but-not-urgent things.

Empty your mind. “It’s impossible to hit and think at the same time” Remove all negative AND positive thoughts when you’re performing. Don’t think “shit I suck”, but also don’t think “wow that was easy”.

Slow down, think deeply. Essential things are invisible to they eye until you stand still and observe them. When you don’t, you attribute others behaviours to wrong reasons and make bad decisions.

Start Journaling. At the end of the day, review your behaviour. Weigh up the right and the wrongs. Ask yourself tough questions like where am i exactly standing? what’s a small step today for big impact in the future?

Turn down the volume around you and access a deeper awareness of what is actually going around you. Cultivate moments of silence in your schedule and be fully present.

Seek wisdom and not the status of being wise. Ask question. Study and reflect. ^^Be intellectually humble.^^ Learn from mistakes. Get a sense of the big picture. Find people you admire, ask how they got there, seek book recommendations, experiment. Familiarise yourself with the unfamiliar. Widen your perspective.

[[Socrates]] was so wise because he knew only one thing that he wasn’t and was always willing to be proven wrong.

Have confidence, but avoid ego. Confidence scares off enemies. Ego creates enemies. Be at peace in difficulty. ^^Have an honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.^^

Let Go. Detach from the idea of outcomes when doing something do it purposelessly. Rather spend energy developing your form, not waste it on getting the outcome. Get lost in the process.

Stillness of the Soul

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