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Twift is a little tool I’m making that helps you get an engagement, followers and traffics boost through mass giveaways.

If you’ve made a new info product, instead of just tweeting out it’s link, you can create some artificial scarcity and tweet out “i made this. if you want it, just reply with a  👋 and i’ll personally DM it to you.”

This is known to get way more engagement and traffic. But the work is tedious. DMing everyone personally is headache.

Twift automates this.

But that’s not the only reason why you should use Twift.

Twift also gives you detailed analytics of how many you sent your product to, how many of them read the message, how many clicked the link.

In case of an error, you can also change the link even after sending the message.

Twift also lets you DM all those people later informing them about your next info product.

If you’re interested, lmk and i’ll get you started with a trial. Ohh and also, suggest me a better name. Twift sounds too similar to T Swift, who’s a great artist but not related here. :/

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